TrimTabs Actuators

For small to large vessel and Racing application

 Super Trim Control

Higher Speed

Lower Fuel Consumption

Stainless Steel

The IsoTech Actuator is designed to be the best Electric Actuator for Trim Tabs on the market. Special emphasis on strength, high resistance surface, environment and durability. It is made of high quality AISI 316 stainless steel. The superior mechanical design enables self lock in up and down position. 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc. Patented. Patent No. 2 370 030, 6 772 653

IsoTech ehf. have manufactured Actuators  for Trim Tabs since 1997. They are made of high quality AISI 316 grade stainless steel and  fullfills the IP69k Standard for dust and watertightness. The Actuators have  proven to be reliable and durable in North Atlantic  sea waters.


Trim Tabs Actuator main dimensions

Trim Tabs Actuators Kits

Kits Contents:
° 2 x Trim Tabs Actuators
° 2 x mounting brackets with gland seal
° 2 x Lower mounting brackets
° Double 2 way push buttons [ Marin Rocker Switch ]



° Double 2 way push buttons with position indication lights [with control box]
° Trim Tabs blades (choose from Trim Tabs table)


Trim Tabs




push buttons

push buttons w. pos.

For small to large vessel and Racing application