Controller AK 1.3 for manual use or with any PLC. Works with IT-100R and IT-800R

Suitable for use manually and feasible option to control Electric Actuators from PLC´s . For different use of Electric Actuators it is possible to program freely various types of PLC´s, passing the signal onto the PCB AK 1.3. The PCB AK 1.3 includes overload protection, electrical end stop, and all necessary features of forward and backward running. AK 1.3 produces signal, possible to use with light at the end positions. This indicates whether the electrical actuator is is completely out/in, this signal can also be used as a reference for PLC´s. AK 1.3 PCB requires 24VDC supply voltage.





Controller SB2

TS 1.2

AK 1.3 for TS 1.2

AK 4.0

Control Unit

AK 3,0


push buttons

push buttons w. pos.