Control Unit

Assembled control unit for two Electric Actuators:
° 1 x TS 1.2 PSCB
° 2 x AK 1.3 PCB
° 2 x Bargraph

One TS 1.2 PCB can control one to two AK 1.3 PCB´s and one to two Bargraph PCB´s

Control Unit Features:
° Upto 5 preprogrammed positions normally push buttons are used.When the Electric Actuator reaches position it gives signal e.g. for ligth.
° Follow up can be implemented with % rotary switch. E.g. if the switch is rotated to 50% the Electric Actuator will go half the way.
° All TS 1.2 PCB´s have possibility to communicate each other.

Controller SB2

AK 1.3

TS 1.2

AK 1.3 for TS 1.2

AK 4.0

AK 3,0


push buttons

push buttons w. pos.